• Registration with the Service Tax Departments
  • Quarterly / Half / Yearly filing of returns
  • Appearance before the authorities in respect of assessments/show cause notices and appeals
  • Appeal, revision and rectification of order.
  • Amendment in registration certificate.

What is Service Tax New Code System?

  • In New system all service tax code / excise (STC) are of 15 characters and based on PAN
  • First ten character are same as PAN, 11-12 digit is “ST” in all service tax code (In few cases “SD” is also used), 13-15 is Sr. No. for Service Tax Number allotted against a PAN Number, if you have applied for One Service Tax Number against a PAN than your Service Tax Number will PAN+ST+001.
  • If you have a PAN Number of the FIRM then check Service Tax Number as below :
  • Assessee code to be digitized in case of Central Excise (major account head 0038) as: 1-10 digits : 10-digit PAN 11-12 digits : XM 13-15 digits : ZZZ
  • Assessee code to be digitized in case of Service Tax (major account head 0044) as: 1-10 digits : 10-digit PAN / TAN 11-12 digits : ST 13-15 digits : ZZZ
  • In case the assessee is unable to provide a valid location code, the location code may be digitized as : 1-2 digits : any Commissionerate Code associated to the bank branch 3-6 digits : ZZZZ
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